How Do I ... Connect to the 'uwosecure-v2' Wireless Network with a Blackberry Playbook



This document outlines the configuration required for a Blackberry Playbook to connect to the uwosecure-v2 wireless network.


Make sure that your Western Identity Manager password has been synchronized here.


1. Tap the 'Settings' icon in the upper right corner.



2. Tap 'Wi-Fi' in the left column.

3. Tap 'Connect Manually'.



4. Enter / change the following settings:

            SSID:  uwosecure-v2
            Security Type:  select WPA2 Enterprise
            Security Sub Type:  select PEAP
            Inner link security: select 'MSCHAPv2'
            User name:  your Western username
            User password:  your Western password

                - scroll down -

            CA certificate: select 'Thawte Premium Server CA'
                (is there are two, then choose the first one)

5. Tap 'Connect'.



You should now be connected to the 'uwosecure-v2' wireless network.


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