How Do I ... Connect to the 'uwosecure-v2' Wireless Network with an iPhone or iPad



This document outlines the configuration required for the iPhone / iPad to connect to the uwosecure-v2 wireless network.


Make sure that your Western Identity Manager password has been synchronized here.


1. Tap 'Settings' 



2. Tap 'Wi-Fi'.



3. Wireless signals that are in range are displayed in this area.  You should see
      the 'uwosecure-v2' wireless network in the list.  Do not click this one though.

4. Tap 'Other...'



5. Tap 'WPA2 Enterprise'.

6. Tap 'Other Network' to return to the previous screen.



7. Enter the following by tapping on each line of infomation:

           Network Name:  uwosecure-v2
           Security:  leave as 'WPA2 Enterprise'
           Username:  your Western username
            Password:  your Western password




8. Tap 'Join'.



9. Tap 'Accept' for the security certificate that is displayed

            (It may take a few seconds for the acceptance to process)



10.  There should now be a checkmark next to 'uwosecure-v2' network.
      As well, the Wireless Connection symbol should appear at the top.
           These indicates that your wireless connection should now be active.



Congratulations , you are finished!



Power off the phone and power back on.

Open the Safari web browser

The 'uwosecure-v2' wireless connection should be in use and you will be directed to your homepage.

Verify by tapping 'Settings' and ensure Wi-Fi is set to 'uwosecure-v2'.


If you require additional assistance please contact the ITS Support Centre at 519 661-3800.

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