How Do I ... Connect to the 'uwosecure-v2' wireless network with Linux - Ubuntu



This document outlines the configuration required for Linux - Ubuntu to connect to the uwosecure-v2 wireless network.


Make sure that your Western Identity Manager password has been synchronized here.


1. Tap on the Wi-Fi symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Tap 'Edit Connections'.



3. In the 'Network Connections' window, tap the 'Wireless' tab.

4. Click 'Add'.



5. Within the 'Editing uwosecure-v2' window:

     Connection name:  uwosecure-v2

     Under the 'Wireless' tab, enter the following:

         SSID:  uwosecure-v2



6.  Under the 'Wireless Security' tab, enter/select the following:

         Security:  choose 'WPA & WPA2 Enterprise'

         Authentication:  choose 'Protected EAP (PEAP)'

         CA Certificate:  click the folder icon



7. Within the 'Choose a Certificate Authority sertificate...' window:

             1) Navigate to File System: /etc/ssl/certs

             2) Look for 'Thawte_Premium_Server_CA.pem'
                 (if there are two, click on the first one only).

             3) Click 'Open'.



8. Back under the 'Editing uwosecure-v2' window:

        PEAP version:  leave as 'Automatic'
        Inner authentication:  choose 'MSCHAPv2'
        Username:  your Western username
        Password:  your Western password


9. Click 'Save'.



You should now be able to connect to the 'uwosecure-v2' wireless network.

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