How Do I ... Connect to the 'uwosecure-v2' wireless network using Windows Vista (all versions)



This document will help you setup your wireless adapter to connect to the uwosecure-v2 network using Windows Vista (all versions).


Make sure that your Western Identity Manager password has been synchronized here.


1. Click the Windows logo (Start Button) in the lower left of your screen

2. Click on the Control Panel button



3. Make sure 'Classic View' is selected in the upper left corner of the new window.

4. Double-Click 'Network and Sharing'



5. Click 'Manage wireless networks'.



6. Click 'Add' to add a wireless network profile.



7. Click 'Manually create a network profile'.



8. Enter the following information:

            Network name: uwosecure-v2
            Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
            Encryption Type: AES
            Leave everything else as default.
            Note: The recommended 'encryption type' for uwosecure-v2 is AES. However, some
            laptops may not be able to support this encryption type due a limitation of their network
            card. In these cases you may want to try and connect using TKIP.


9. Click 'Next'.



10. Click 'Change connection settings'.


11. Uncheck 'Connect even if the network is not broadcasting'.



12. Click the 'Security' tab.

13. Under 'Choose a network authentication method':

            Click 'Settings'.



14. From the 'Protected EAP Properties' window:

            Check mark: 'Connect to these servers:'
            Enter: *
            Check mark these 3:
                        Thawte Premium Server CA
                        Thawte Premium Server CA
                        thawte Primary Root CA
            Under 'Select Authentication Method:'
                        Click 'Configure'.



15. Uncheck 'Automatically use my windows logon name and password (and domain if any)'.



16. Click 'OK' on each window to close them.


17. You will now be asked to provide additional information. 

            Click anywhere in the 'Additional information' bubble.



18. In the new window, enter the following:

            Username:  your Western username
            Password:  your Western password
            Logon Domain:  Leave Blank


19. Click 'OK'.



20. You will see the 'Additional information' is required bubble again.

            Click the bubble.



21. This time you will be asked to validate the server certificate.

            Click 'OK'.  



Note: In some cases, the 'Additional information' bubble will pop up and ask for your username and password
multiple times.  Each time, simply repeat steps 17 to 22 until it connects you to the 'uwosecure-v2'
wireless network.


You should now be connected to 'uwosecure-v2' (it might take a minute to finish validating).

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