How Do I ... Synchronize my Password?



This document will help you synchronize your password. Click here to view a list of services that use this synchronized password. Changing your password within Western Identity Manager automatically synchronizes your password.

NOTE: You will need to have subscribed to Western Identity Manager or have activated your account after December 3rd, 2009. If you have not, please click here to find out more about subscribing to Western Identity Manager.




1. Go to:

2. Enter your UWO user name and password and login to your Western Identity Manager (See Fig. 1)



3. Click on the Profile tab.

4. Click on the Synchronize Password sub-tab.

5. Click on the Synchronize button.



If you receive a message stating "Operation Successful", you have now completed synchronizing your password.  If you receive an error, change your password (Click the 'Change Password' tab to do this), then try the password synchronization again.  If an error still comes up, please call us at the ITS Help Desk at 519-661-3800. 


Note: Please be sure to log out of Identity Manager when you're done.


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