How Do I ... Setup VersaMail For Palm Treo 600/650



This document will illustrate how you can setup VersaMail on your Palm Treo 600/650 to receive your UWO email.

Getting Started

Scroll down until you see the VersaMail icon and tap it with the stylus.

versamail icon

You will see the Initial Setup screen appear. Tap the 'Continue' button.

initial setup

Change the account name to 'UWO Email'. tap the down arrow beside Mail Service and Select 'Other'.

Select 'IMAP' for the protocol. Tap the 'Next' button.

account setup

Type in your user name and then tap the 'Unassigned' section under 'Password'.

uwo email

Type in your UWO password and tap 'OK'.

uwo email 2

You will see that the Password is now set to 'Assigned'. This will allow you to check your UWO email

without having to insert your password each time. Tap the 'Next' button.

uwo email 3

Type in your UWO email address and type in the incoming and outgoing email servers

as listed below.

uwo email 4

The basic setup is now complete. Tap on the 'Advanced' button.

uwo email 5

Tap the box beside 'Use Secure Connection (SSL). Tap the 'Next' button.


Tap the box beside the 'Use authentication (ESMTP) ' and 'Use Secure Connection (SSL)'. Change the port number

to 587. Tap the 'Next' button.

advanced 2

You will be prompted to overwrite account. Tap the 'Yes' button.

advanced 3

Setting up your UWO email with VersaMail is now complete.

Tap the 'OK' button to open your email.

account setup



VersaMail v 3.0C or higher is required, running on a Treo 600/650 or Palm Pilot.


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