How Do I ... Ensure that My Data goes to the Correct Palm Desktop username and Handheld Device



If you have multiple users or multiple devices synchronizing to a single desktop computer, you have the potential to accidentally get data in the wrong place. Palm Desktop keeps each user's data separately. A few simple precautions will keep you from losing track of your data or entering it incorrectly into another user's area.

Make sure you are using the correct user name in Palm Desktop

The key is to make sure you're using the right user name when you are entering data into the Palm Desktop application. Look in the upper right corner of the Palm Desktop menu bar: you should see a pull down box labeled User. Before you enter any data into the Palm Desktop application, make sure this pull down menu shows the right user name. If it doesn't, simply click on the pull down menu and choose the user name that corresponds to the profile you want to use.

Don't assume that your user data is visible when you enter Palm Desktop

If you've already synchronized your data and can't find it where you expect it to be, check the other user profiles. Your data from the handheld synchronizes with the user name assigned to your handheld. Make sure you have selected this user name from the user drop down list when you begin to use Palm Desktop.

For Windows users only

Did you expect your data to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or with Palm Desktop on your PC? A decision you took during installation of the desktop synchronization software determines which program your handheld data will synchronize with. If you wish your handheld personal data (DateBook, Address Book, To Do list and Memos) to synchronize with Palm Desktop instead of Microsoft Outlook, the solution is simple. Reinstall the desktop software and choose to synchronize with Palm Desktop instead of Microsoft Outlook.

Be sure to download the latest version of Palm Desktop before reinstalling to take advantage of any new features and updates. Download now.

Note: Outlook Personal Information and Outlook Mail are synchronized by two separate conduits. That means you can choose to synchronize your personal information with Palm Desktop and your email with Microsoft Outlook. When you run the Palm Desktop installer you'll first be asked which application you want to synchronize your personal information with, and second which application you want to synchronize your email.


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