How Do I ... Connect to Uwosecure-v2 Wireless with a HTC Touch



This procedure will outline the configuration required for a HTC Touch to connect to either one of Western's two secure wireless networks (EduRoam & Uwosecure-v2) from factory settings using the default wireless client.


Log in to your Western Identity Manager at and synchronize your password.
Wait the 15 minutes or so and then proceed with configuration.

  • Tap on Start and select Settings .


  • Tap on the Connections tab and then select Wireless LAN.


  • If your Wireless LAN is off, you will see this screen. Tap on Turn on Wireless LAN

wireless LAN

  • Once the WiFi is on you will see this screen. Tap on uwosecure-v2 and then tap OK.


  • You will now see this popup. Tap on The Internet and then tap Connect.


  • You will now be taken to the settings for uwosecure-v2. On this screen tap on This is a hidden network and then tap on Next.

config wifi

  • These settings should already be set as WPA2 and AES . If not please make them so. Tap on Next.

config network

  • This screen will already be set to PEAP . If not them it so. Tap Next.


  • You will now see the User Logon screen. Enter your UWO user name and password. Leave the Domain: blank. You have the option to save your password. This is optional. Tap OK.

user logon

  • You will now see the following screen indicating your attempt to connect.


  • Once successfully connected you will see the status beside the SSID you have logged into. If the connection is unsuccessful you will either return to the logon screen, or be presented an error message to indicate the problem. Tap OK to exit.


If you receive an error please contact the Help Desk at 519-661-3800.

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If you require additional assistance please contact the ITS Support Centre at 519 661-3800.


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