How Do I ... Setup NotifyLink Web Client



The NotifyLink [NL] web client provides the user access to their account on the NL server.  The options here allow you to set preferences for how you want data synchronized from the server  to your  device . Initial setup of the web client is required before the synchronization of data (calendar, contacts, email and tasks) between the university systems, NL and your device can occur.



Login to the following web page, .
Refer to confirmation message from  for the user name and 'one-time' password

NotifyLink signon

From the Mailbox Properties tab
Select Accounts

NL config

From the subheading Email Account Information
Enter your  UWO email password  as the Email and Confirm Password

Select  Mailbox -> Client

Note:  The one time password you received in the welcome message is no longer valid. In the future login to the NotifyLink web client with your UWO email address and password.

Select Mailbox -> PIM
Scroll down and select  Apply Changes… Close

NL mailbox config

Record the Authentication Password

Select  General... Device

NL config

Record the Authentication Password

Note:  This password is case sensitive and is required for the next step of NL setup.  Refer to confirmation message from  for device client registration instructions specific to your device.

NL device config

Select  Logout

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