How Do I... Install the Secure Global Desktop Client

MyVlab previously required Java to run. However, recent releases of Java are incompatible with MyVLab. In order to utilize the service, you must install and configure the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Client. The following isntructions show Windows XP but should be followed for Windows Vista/7/8 as well.

SGD Client Installation

  1. Open your browser and enter:
  2. Click Download the Secure Global Desktop Client for Microsoft Windows.
    secure global desktop install 
  3. Click Run in the file download prompt.
  4. Once download is finished, click Next, Next, and Install in the installation wizard.
    secure global desktop install

Configure the Secure Global Desktop Client

  1. When installation is complete, launch the Login application under Oracle Secure Global Desktop from your Start Menu. 
    launching secure global desktop 
  2. You will need to configure the setting Server URL to

    secure global desktop config
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Your default browser should open MyVlab.
  5. Click Yes when asked “Do you wish to connect to this server?” (this window can sometimes open behind the browser window)
    secure global desktop config 
  6. MyVlab should now work as expected.

    ***For future use, start MyVlab from your computer’s start menu using the Login application. *** 

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