How Do I ... Set a Vacation Message in Western's Webmail



The vacation message will automatically reply to any incoming mail you receive while you are away or unable to attend to your mail.  It can be useful in managing expectations in response times and providing alternate contact information while you are away.

Remember, you can still exceed your email quota while you are away.  If this happens the sender will not receive your vacation message, but will receive a system generated bounced message indicating that you have exceeded your email quota.  To avoid this you may want to consider

Forwarding your Western Email

Note: This procedure pertains to email addresses only.  If you are on campus using an email address other than an address (ie. or please check with your system administrators to see if they offer a vacation service for their server.


Log into the Western's Webmail Interface at

Select Options > Mail > Local Account > Vacation Message

Note: If you are having problems navigating to the proper setting select the triangle icon in front of the setting.


Select Enable Auto-Reply



Enter Start/End Dates

Note: The stop date is set to expire at the end of the day specified.  In the event the vacation message is still enabled upon your return, simply remove the checkmark from 'Enable auto-reply'


Enter Hours between replies

Note: This feature controls how many hours elapse before the system will send another vacation message to a user who emails you again.  For instance, if you receive a message from John Doe on the first day of your vacation and then another 2 hours later, John will receive a vacation notification both times if you live this box blank with a value of 0 hours.  If you had set it to 4 hours he would only receive one message.


Enter Subject, Message to Co-Workers, and Message to other senders


Click 6

You have now set up your Vacation Message.


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