How Do I ... Search for Messages in Western's Webmail?



In webmail, there are two ways to search for messages, Advanced Search and Quick Search.

Quick Search

With quick search you have the ability to search your messages for the following:


Simply Enter the word you are search for in the quick search box and then press enter.


This will bring up your search results.


If you do not see the results you are looking for, or you are finished with your search, click the X to the right of the search box.


Advanced Search

With Advanced Search you must click ont he magnifying glass, then click advanced search in order to bring up the following screen:


Here you pick where to search by clicking on select button and clicking on the folder you want to search in.

Next you pick whether you want your search to match any or all of the following search criteria, making your search either more general or more specific.

  • Match Any will look at all the messages in the desired folder, and if any of the search criteria matches the message will be found
  • Match All operates similar to Match Any, however if any of the search criteria does not match the message will not be found

If you click on the From drop down menu, you can choose from the following.

If you Click on the contains drop-down menu you can choose from either Contains or Doesn't Contain

Ensure you put your search criteria in the search box at the end of the row.


If you wish to add more criteria, click the + to the far right of the search window.

Once you are happy with your criteria, click on the advance4 button to have your list of results displayed in a new tab.



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