How Do I ... Use Mail Filters in Western Webmail



Creating mail filters provides individuals a way is to manage their INBOX more efficiently. Dependant upon the device type or mail protocol it allows individuals using smart phones with data plans to off load certain content to avoid excessive charges.

As with most other mail clients Coonvergence allows individuals to create mail filters to move or delete mail upon receipt.  The difference between your standard mail client and the server side mail filters in Convergence is that the mail filters in Convergence process the messages before they are delivered to your INBOX.  If you check your Western e-mail from more than one location then the server side filters will simplify things by creating and managing your filter rules from a central location.   This should also reduce confusion by bringing consistency in applying the filter rules to any location that you check Western e-mail.

Tips on Creating Filters

  • Because on occasion you may discover a false positive e.g. legitimate messages tagged as spam we recommend that you do not discard or filter messages directly into trash, but rather create a new folder to house your filtered SPAM. This folder will need to be cleaned out regularly, but it will give you the chance to make sure nothing important has been filtered as SPAM!
  • We recommend using a client that has the option subject begins or starts with rather than just contains. Messages that have been identified for potential spam content will have [Spam?] inserted to left hand margin of the subject line. If the subject line does not start with [Spam?] then it is most likely a reply to or forward of a message that was previously identified as potential spam.
  • For those legitimate messages tagged as spam, most likely newsletters or other mailings that you receive on a regular basis because they exhibit may of the characteristics used to determine if a message is spam. Create a filter that will move this message to another folder, and place this filter above your Spam filter. Email client process filters in order from top to bottom. This means an e-mail message is filtered by the first filter rule that creates a match with the content of the e-mail message. This will then not allow the message to pass through the filter that moves messages to your SPAM folder.


Western Webmail allows you to create mail filters that will automatically move messages based on the criteria you provide either into other mail folders, into the trash or to delete them.

Please Note: Due to security concerns the option to 'Forward messages to:' is not supported.

To create mail filters in Western Webmail:

  • Click on the Options link at the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Beneath the Mail link open the menu under Local Account and select Mail Filters.
  • Click on the New Filter button. You will see this screen:
  • Enter a name for your filter.
  • You may choose to filter with any combination of the three boxes by choosing any or all from the Match all of the following as well as Match any of the following above.
  • The first box allows you to filter by Sender:, Recipient:, Message Size: or Subject:
  • The second box allows you to filter by Contains, Doesn't Contain, Begins With, Ends With, Is equal to, or Is not equal to.
  • You may also select Match all incoming messages to use Perform the following actions on all the incoming messages.
  • In the Perform the following actions, choose whether to file the message in a folder specified in the drop-down menu, forward it to another email address or to discard it.
  • Once you have completed all of these options click on the Save Filter button.

To manage your mail filters, enter the filter creation screen (first step above), and you will see a list of all your mail filters. Here you can add new filters, edit existing ones, or delete existing ones entirely.

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