How Do I ... Delete Mail in Western Webmail



This document will describe how to delete emails in the Western Webmail client.

Delete Email from Message Area

To delete an e-mail message from the Message list area:

  • Select the message you wish to delete by clicking on the Subject line or sender, this will highlight the message. Now click Delete. delete
  • If there are multiple messages that need to be deleted, Select the first one the same way as above, then hold CTRL and click on the next message and any following messages that also need to be deleted. All selected messages should now be highlighted, click Delete. delete
  • To select all of the messages in your inbox, click Select All. selectall
  • Any deleted messages will be moved to your Trash folder.
  • To permanently delete the messages, open the trash folder, select all the messages and click Delete. 

Delete Email After Reading

To delete an e-mail message after you have read it:

  • Click on the Delete delete button at the top. Just as above, the message will appear in the trash folder.
  • To remove the message permanently, go into the trash folder and delete it from there.


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