How Do I ... Manage the Address Book



You can access your Address Book at any time in Western Webmail by clicking on the Address Book icon in the Command Link area. This is the area on the bottom left hand side of the screen.


By clicking this link you will get the following screen:


From here, You may add contacts and groups, search for contacts, print your contacts, and transfer (import/export) address books. To return to the inbox, click on the mail icon in the command link area.

Adding Contacts

Click on the New Contact tab at the top of the address book section.


This will open a new tab where you may enter contact information. For every new contact, click on the New Contact tab and a new and separate tab will open each time.


Once all necessary contact information has been entered, click Save on the bottom right portion of the window.

There is also a shoftcut for adding contacts to your Address Book. You can do this quickly by clicking on the New Contact button 6 on the top left side of the screen in the command link area.

Searching Contacts

When in the address book section of Western Webmail, you can search by first name, last name or phone number to find people.

Simply type the name of the person you are looking for in the Find section above the name column.


Creating Group Mailing Lists

Western Webmail will allow you to make Group Mailing Lists with people from your personal Address Book. To make a group list you need to first click on the New Group Button 7 in the address book to go to the screen below.


On this screen you input the name you want for the group in the Group Name box. Select the contacts that you would like to have added to the group. Once this is done click Create Group on the bottom left side.  

The new group will now appear in the left index column.

To quickly create a new group, click on the New Group button in the command link area. 1

To add users to an existing group, select the group from the command link area. Then select the Manage Group button 8 Select the contacts you would like to add to the group and click Save.

Now that the group list is created you can click on it in your Address Book and click on the Write to button 9 This will open a message composition window that lists all of the group memebers as recipients.


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