How Do I ... Use Western's Webmail Client for Email?



Convergence is Western new web mail client. It can be used to remotely check your university calendar, contacts and email from the URL - using one of three officially supported web browser; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. The use and features of this web site are similar to commercial web mail packages such as Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

Getting Started - Logging In

The Western Webmail website initially consists of a Login Screen.


Enter your Western User ID in the username field (ie. everything before the @ symbol in your UWO issued email address) and your Western Password in the password field.

After you've typed in your username and password, click the Sign In button to Contine.


Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a screen like the following.


The Screen is divided into 2 general sections.

  • The first section encompases the left portion of the screen. This section allows you to quickly create new messages, events, tasks and contacts. It also allows you to switch quickly between Mail, Calendar, Address Book and Options.
  • The second section encompases the middle portion of your screen. This section shows you the details for the Mail folder or Calendar that you are currently viewing. When in mail, it is divided into 2 sections Mail Folder view and the Reading Pane.

Command Link Section

This section is divided into 3 subsections: Quick Create Buttons, Mail Folders and Easy Access Buttons.

Quick Create Buttons

There are 4 Quick Create Buttons that are accessible from anywhere in Western Webmail:

  • new-mail Allows you to create a new Email
  • new-event Allows you to create a new Event
  • new-task Allows you to create a new Task
  • new-contact Allows you to create a new Contact

Mail Folders

The Mail Folders area allows you to see all of the mail folders that you have under your UWO email account as well as your Current Mail Quota (shown in a percentage)


When in Mail, the following buttons are available. (These options are explained in further detail in How Do I ... Manage Mail Folders)

  • new-folder Create or Subscribe to a Folder
  • folder-prop Folder Properties
  • rename-folder Rename Folder
  • del-folder Delete Folder

If you right click on one of your folders (other than the default folders of Inbox, Trash, Sent and Drafts) you will see the following menu.


If you right click on the Trash folder you will see the following menu.


Easy Access Buttons

These buttons let you change to Mail, Calendar, Address Book or Options.


Message Area

This area has six general columns.


  • The Unread Notification Column displays if a message is unread or read. If the message is unread you will see a "Sun" symbol. If the message is read you will see a grey dot. You can toggle this status by clicking the dot.
  • The Attachment Notification Column displays if there is an attachment on an email message.
  • The Subject Column displays the subject of the email message.
  • The From Column displays who the email message is sent from.
  • The Date Column displays the time that the email was received. If the message was received on a different day it will display the date.
  • The Size Column displays the size of the received email. Note: Large messages take up more of your email quota, so clean these out often.
  • The Priority Column will display priority if the sender has marked the email priority as Urgent.
  • The Flagged Column will display flagged if you have marked this message by clicking in the column.

Reading Email

To read a message, you can double click on either the name of the sender or on the subject line of the message. The Message Area will appear in a tab separate from the Inbox tab.


To view the next or previous message, you must return to the inbox window and double click on the next message.

To close the email and return to your Inbox, click on the X beside the Subject Line.


Logging Out

When you are finished with your email session, you must click on the Sign Out link at the top right of the screen as is shown below.


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