How Do I ... Subscribe to Shared Mail Folders?



This document will describe the steps needed to subscribe to shared folders in two of the most common email clients used on campus (Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird). For instructions on sharing a mail folder, please see How Do I ... Manage Shared Folders

Mac Users : Please note that if using Mac Mail and Entourage, your mail client will automatically subscribe to any available shared folders. If you do happen to see a shared folder that you did not subscribe to, please do not try and delete the folder or the contents of the folder, as it will affect the user who has shared that folder.

Western's Webmail

Starting from your Inbox, click on the following button: newfolder and click on "Subsribe to Folder"

You will be presented with the following box


Select the folder(s) that you wish to subscribe to. You have the option of clicking on individual users on the left hand side of the screen if you wish to narrow your search down to a specific user.

You will now see a Shared Folders area in your Mailbox view panel.


Click on the Inbox for your imap account. From the Tools menu select Imap Folders.

Click the Query button while on the "All" tab to show all available folders. Scroll through the list until you find the appropriate folder (the name will appear in the format "Shared Folders/User/username/ foldername "). Single click on the folder you wish to subscribe to and click the Subscribe button.

You should now see Shared Folders in your folder list. If you expand this list you will see a User folder which contains a folder for each username that has shared a folder with you. Within each user folder you will see the actual folder(s) that you have permission to.


While viewing the inbox, click "Tools", then "Account Settings". Click on the "Server Settings" tab located on the left side of the screen. Click the "Advanced" Button within the Server Settings area on the right side.

Uncheck "Allow server to override these namespaces"

Click OK to close the "Advanced Account Settings" window

Click OK to close the "Account Settings" window

Now, Click on "File", then "Subscribe" - Look for the "Shared Folders" item in that list.

Click on the plus sign next to "Shared Folders", then click on the plus sign next to "User" for a listing of all the users that are sharing one or more folders. Click on the plus sign next to the appropriate user to view all the folders that he/she is sharing.

Put a check mark next to the folder you wish to gain access to, and then click the "Subscribe" button.

The Shared folder should now appear in your folder list under a "Shared Folders" heading.


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