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A mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients. Mailing lists can also be used as department or project related alias. In combination with filters and folders mailing list can help individuals organize their e-mail based on the many tasks or roles they perform. Furthermore the use of shared folders allows for the delegation of tasks within a group while at the same time maintaining a consistent initial point of contact.

If the number of members exceeds a few hundred addresses, you should consider using something other than a mailing list, such as a local newsgroup or a web conference. This document describes the public mailing list service at Western. ITS does not run listserv software and does not offer digest services.

Choosing a name

When submitting a mailing list name basic edit checking is performed on submission to ensure e-mail compliance and uniqueness. Below are some guidelines for choosing a name for a mailing list.

  • Choose a meaningful name that reflects the specific purpose of the list.
  • Avoid misleading names by prefixing the list with a dept acronym e.g. its-staff
  • Keep it short but easy to remember and type.
  • Use a period or hyphen as separators (i.e. help.desk or its-staff) avoid the underscore and other special characters.
  • Check the index of current list names at* to follow existing conventions.

Required Information

This service is only available to faculty and staff for appropriate University-related activities. A valid UWO user ID and password are required to access List Guardian. If you do not know this information please refer to here on how to obtain one.

Important Notice: This service is NOT available to applicants, graduates or undergraduates.

Request Form

To set up a mailing list complete the form

mailing list request form

Upon successful submission you will receive on screen and e-mail confirmation. If approved, the new list will be created within 2 business days with an additional e-mail notification sent once your request has been processed. At the point of creation the list owner is automatically added as a member of the list to ensure e-mail delivery is functional. However there is no requirement which states that a list owner must be a list member.


Contact if you cannot access or have trouble completing the form or receive one of the following messages;

  • List requests are restricted to staff and faculty accounts.Please contact if you need assistance.
  • Only staff and faculty may perform this action.
  • The message should be sent from the same account used to try and login to List Guardian and contain any error message you receive in addition to the list name, description and purpose.

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