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The Western Directory uses data from the campus LDAP server. This directory can be configured into Netscape Communicator or Outlook so that you can search it directly from a mail program (e.g. via the Address Book).

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What information is available through the Address Book?

The Address Book and PH clients will now be able to see:

  • name

  • e-mail

  • department (under the "Organization" heading)

  • phone number and extension (under the "Phone Number" heading)

  • building and room number (under the "City" heading)

NOTE: The Address Book only shows the primary department, phone and location, even if a person has multiple assignments. To view a person's full information including all their roles, use the web page search at

Configure Outlook to use the Directory


Add the Western Directory to Outlook

  • Select Accounts from the Tools menu.

  • Click Add in the Internet Accounts window.

  • Select Directory Service from the Add menu.

  • Type in the Internet directory field, then click Next.

  • Select Yes in the Check Email addresses window, then click Next.

  • Click Finish.

This will bring you back to the Internet accounts window.

  • Highlight, and click Properties.

  • Type Western Directory in the Directory Service Account field on the General Tab.

  • Click the Advanced Tab

  • Type dc=uwo,dc=ca in the Search Base field.

  • Click OK

If you already have UWO Faculty/Staff Directory configured in Outlook

If you already have an entry for UWO Faculty/Staff Directory (the pilot directory since 1998), you can edit this entry to use the new Western Directory as follows:

  • Select Accounts from the Tools menu.

The entry for UWO Faculty/Staff Directory should appear in the list

  • Click on UWO Faculty/Staff Directory and click properties

  • Change the Description box to say Western Directory instead of UWO Faculty/Staff Directory

  • Select the Advanced tab.

  • Change the Search base to dc=uwo,dc=ca instead of o=uwo,c=ca

  • Leave the rest of the information as it is


Using the Directory from Outlook

There are several ways to access the Western Directory from Outlook. These are:

Using the Address Book in the New message window

  • When in the New message window, enter the name you wish to search for in the To: or Cc: field.

  • Then select Check Names from the Tools menu. This can also be accomplished by pressing Ctrl+K

  • If there is only one match it will replace the To: field with the persons full name, however if there are multiple matches it will bring up a window where you can select the proper person.


Accessing the Address Book anywhere in Outlook

  • Select Address Book from the Tools menu.

  • Click the Find People button.

  • Select the Western Directory from the list of Directories

  • Enter the name you are searching for in the Name box.

  • Click the Find Now button.

  • It will open a window that shows all names that match your criteria.


Web page interface to the Directory

You can also perform more sophisticated searches and get much more information by using the web interface to the Western Directory, available at URL Searches can be made by name or unit.   


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