How Do I ... Setup Thunderbird for Western Email


Getting Started

This document will walk you through the setup of Thunderbird which is available at

Account Setup Wizard

Step 1Setup Email Account:
Click 'Tools', then click 'Account Settings'
Click 'Add Account'
The 'Account Wizard' will come up to help you create a new account
Select 'Email account' and click 'Next'

New Account Setup

Step 2 –  Enter your name and email address


Step 3 –  Setup the incoming and outgoing mail servers

Server Information

Step 4 –  Enter your incoming and outgoing user name.

User Name

Step 5 –  Enter your account name.

Account Name

Step 6 –  Review information and exit the account wizard.


 Launch and Configure Thunderbird

Once you have completed the Account Wizard you will be prompted to input your password for the account that you have just created.

Click 'Cancel'

Mail Server Password Required

Step 1 –  Select 'Tools' and 'Account Settings...'


Step 2 –  Click on Server Settings in the left side list

Step 3 –  Make sure the 'Server Name' is set to:

Step 4 -  Under the 'Security Settings' area, Select SSL as the secure connection

Step 5 -  Double check that the 'Port' being used is now set to '993'

Account Settings

Step 6 –  Click on 'Outgoing Server (SMTP)' in the left side list

Step 7 –  Make sure outgoing server (SMTP) is set to: If it's not the default server, highlight it and click 'Set Default'

Step 8 –  Click 'Edit'

Account Settings

Step 9 –  Make sure the Server Name is

Step 10 –  Make sure User name and password is checked

Step 11 –  Make sure your UWO Computer Account user name is entered in the user name field

Step 12 –  Set the port to 587

NOTE: Outgoing server (SMTP) ports available for this connection are 587 or 465. Some of Internet Service Providers are deliberately blocking some ports. If your computer cannot make SMTP port connection with one of the ports, please try another one.

Step 13 –  Set Use secure connection to TLS, if available

Step 14 –  Click 'OK'


Step 15 –  Click on Server Settings and beside When I delete a message: select 'Move it to the Trash folder'

Account Settings

Step 16 –  Select Composition & Addressing. Under Addressing click on 'Use a different LDAP server' and then click on 'Edit Directories'

Account Settings

Step 17 –   Click on 'Add'


Step 18 – Beside Name: enter 'Western Faculty/Staff', beside Hostname: enter '' and beside Base DN: enter 'dc=uwo,dc=ca'

Server Properties

Once you return to the previous screen, select the newly created LDAP in the drop down menu.

Account Settings

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