How Do I ... Setup my Android Phone for Western Email



This procedure will outline the configuration required for smart phones running Android to access your Western email account.  

There have been reports that the default Email application bundled with the Android o/s in particular version 2, cannot be properly configured to connect to UWO email.  If you are unable to connect using the default mail application then we would recommend downloading K-9 mail client from the android market.  


  1. Ensure your Western Identity is activated and synchronized before proceeding. Please review . Please wait 15 minutes before proceeding, if you synchronized your password recently.

  2. From the Home screen, tap the Application button.

  3. Tap the Email icon.

  4. If this is your first email account, you will be presented with an email setup screen.  Tap the Next button.  Otherwise, press the Menu button, and tap the Add Account button.

  5. In the "Type your account email address" box, enter your full email address, eg.,

  6. In the second box, enter your email account password.

  7. Tap the "Manual setup" button.

  8. Tap the "IMAP account" button.

  9. Enter the following information in the spaces provided:

    • Username - enter your UWO User ID
    • Password - enter your UWO email Password
    • IMAP Server -
    • Port - Enter the secure port number: 993
    • Security type - Select the security: SSL (always)
      • NOTE: Ensure Port is still 993.
  10. Tap the Next button. The device will connect to the internet and check your incoming settings.

  11. On the "Outgoing server settings" screen, enter the following information in the spaces provided:

    • SMTP Server -
    • Port - Enter the Secure port number: 587
    • Security type - Select the security: SSL (always)
      • Note: Ensure Port is still 587.
  12. Tap the "Require sign-in" checkbox.

  13. In the Username box, enter your UWO user id

  14. In the Password box, enter your UWO email password

  15. Tap the Next button. The Device will connect to the internet and check your outgoing settings

  16. On the "Account Options" screen, select your "Email Checking Frequency."

    Note: This frequency will impact battery life.

  17. Tap the "Notify me when email arrives" checkbox to see an alert on the status bar when you have new email.

  18. Name your account as desired.

  19. Enter your name as you want it displayed in outgoing emails.

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If you require additional assistance please contact the ITS Help Desk at 519 661-3800.

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