How Do I ... Setup Entourage (2008) for Western E-Mail




Open Entourage
From the Entourage menu
Select Account Settings...

Account Settings

If this is the first setup Entourage will provide you with an automated assistant  
Select the Configure Account Manually button

Account Assistant

Select New > Mail... 

Mail Accounts

Select Account type: IMAP
Select OK


From the Account Settings tab
Type Account name: (description only within Entourage)
Type Name: (as you want your name to appear when sending mail)
Type E-mail address:
Type Account ID: user Id
Type IMAP server:
Select Click here for advanced receiving options 

Edit Account

Select the check box for This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL)
Verify IMAP port: 993
Close window 

secure IMAP

Type SMTP server:
Select Click here for advanced sending options 


Select the check box for SMTP service requires a secure connection (SSL)
Select the check box for Override default SMTP port: 465
Select the check box for SMTP service requires authentication
Select the radial button Use same settings as receiving mail server

NOTE: Outgoing server (SMTP) ports available for this connection are 587 or 465. Some of Internet Service Providers are deliberately blocking some ports. If your computer cannot make SMTP port connection with one of the ports, please try another one.

Close window 

secure SMTP

Select OK 

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