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This document will go through the process for setting up Windows Live Mail to read your Western mail using an IMAP profile. An IMAP profile allows you to view the messages on the server instead of downloading them to your local harddrive (POP). Using an IMAP account will ensure your mail is backup on a nightly basis. If you chose to download message to your harddrive, ITS will not be able to recover these messages.

How to configure Windows Live Mail

 Figure 1
Fig 1

Press the Alt Key, this will display the menus at the top.

Click Tools -> Accounts.

This will start the Account Setup wizard. If this is the first time running Windows Mail, the wizard will start automatically. See Fig 2

Figure 2
Fig 2

Click Add.

Highlight E-mail Account and click Next. See Fig 3.

Figure 3
Fig 3


Enter your E-mail Address, Password and Display Name,

Also click the checkbox "Manually configure server settings for e-mail account."

Click Next.

Enter the information as follows. See Fig 4.

Select IMAP as the Incoming e-mail server type.

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server is

Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name is

Check Outgoing server requires authentication. 

NOTE: Outgoing server (SMTP) ports available for this connection are 587 or 465. Some of Internet Service Providers are deliberately blocking some ports. If your computer cannot make an SMTP connection please try the other port number.

Click Next.

Figure 4
Fig 4

You have now setup your e-mail account.

Click Finish, now click Close.

You will now see a window allowing you to show or hide folders in your e-mail.

To accept the defaults, click OK.

You have now finished setting up Windows mail to read your Western mail. Your inbox should now appear in your folder listing. See Fig 5.

Figure 5

Fig 5


Configure Windows Live Mail to Use Western Directory

Press the Alt Key, this will display the menus at the top.

Click Tools -> Accounts.

This will start the Account Setup wizard.  You should now see the IMAP Account we previously set up. See Fig 6

Figure 6
Fig 6

Click Add.

Highlight "Contacts Directory Account" and click Next. See Fig 7.

Figure 7
Fig 7

Enter in LDAP server, see Fig 8

Figure 8
Fig 8

Click Next

Leave the Radial Button in "Automatically check addresses in this contact directory"

Click Next and then click Finish

Now Click Properties, and click the Advanced Tab.

For Search Base, fill in the following: dc=uwo, dc=ca

Figure 9

Fig 9

Now Click Apply, then OK.

Now Click Close.

Windows Live Mail is now set up to use the Western Directory Service when sending e-mails.

More Information

If you require more information or have any difficulties configuring Windows Live Mail, please contact the ITS Support Centre at 519 661-3800.

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