How Do I ... Setup Eduroam WPA/WPA 2 for wireless on Windows Vista



UWO offers the eduroam wireless network that can be accessed by WPA/WPA2 Compliant Cards on Windows Vista. Please follow the procedure listed below to enable WPA/WPA2 for your wireless adapter. If you have any problems please contact us.

Please use the Windows Update tool or go to to get the newest updates or patches for your operating system if it hasn’t already been done.

Visit your manufacturer's website for Vista compatibility and to download and install the newest drivers or firmware for your wireless network card.
Note: you may have to repeat these steps several times before Windows Vista can establish a connection to " eduroam ".

Setup Instructions

  1. Click the Network Connection icon in the taskbar and click Connect to a network .

  2. Double-click on eduroam and wait while Windows attempts to connect to the network.
  3. When prompted, click Enter/select additional log on information .

  4. In the Enter Credentials dialogue box enter your Western login name as and the appropriate password. Important: you must add after your Western login name to successfully access the eduroam service.
    Do not enter a Logon domain. Click OK to join the eduroam wireless network. You may have to repeat the process of clicking Enter/select additional log on information and entering your credentials several times before it will work.

  5. When the Validate Server Certificate dialog box appears, click OK .

  6. Ensure that Save this network and Start this connection automatically are checked, and click Close .

  7. eduroam_vista_5
  8. It may take up to a minute before Windows Vista will finalize the connection. During this time it may give a warning saying Limited Connectivity .
    You are now connected to the UWO eduroam Wireless network on Windows Vista.


Disclaimer: The provided instructions are for information purposes only. Neither The University of Western Ontario nor the Division of Information Technology Services assume any responsibility for loss of use or damage to a computer system (including any data or software contained within the computer system) which is the result (directly or indirectly) of the application of these instructions. Any problems, questions or concerns not addressed by these instructions should be directed to the vendor and/or the manufacturer and not to The University of Western Ontario or any of its employees or incumbents.

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