How Do I ... Setup Eduroam WPA/WPA 2 for AirPort on Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Leopard)



UWO offers the eduroam wireless network that can be accessed by WPA/WPA2 Compliant Cards on Mac OS X. Please follow the procedure listed below to enable WPA/WPA2 for your wireless adapter. If you have any problems please contact us.


  • An AirPort or AirPort Extreme card. Most Apple computers should have AirPort wireless cards built-in.
  • A Mac updated with the latest updates. You can use the Software Update tool or visit Apple's website .

Enabling WPA/WPA2 Authentication and Security

  1. Click the Wireless icon at the top of the screen. If the Airport is currently off, click Turn AirPort On .


    Then, click Open Network Preferences .

  2. The Network window should now be open. Click the Advanced button at the bottom right.
  3. Click the AirPort tab at the top of the window.


    Click the + symbol below the list of Preferred Networks .
  4. Enter the following information:


    For Network Name , type eduroam .
    For Security , select WPA2 Enterprise or WPA Enterprise.
    Leave the User Name and Password field blank.
    For 802.1X , select Automatic .
    Click Add .



  5. Click OK at the advanced Network window. You should now be at the AirPort tab of the Network window.
    For Network Name , select eduroam .
    Click Apply at the bottom right at of the Window.

  6. A window titled 802.1X Authentication will appear(it may, in fact, appear before you’ve had a chance to click Apply ). Enter your UWO Login name as and the password and then click OK . Important: you need to add after your UWO login name.

  7. If a connection has not been established after one minute, click the Wireless icon at the top of the screen, and turn the AirPort off.


    Then, click Turn AirPort On .


    Within a few seconds, your connection to eduroam should be established.


Disclaimer: The provided instructions are for information purposes only. Neither The University of Western Ontario nor the Division of Information Technology Services assume any responsibility for loss of use or damage to a computer system (including any data or software contained within the computer system) which is the result (directly or indirectly) of the application of these instructions. Any problems, questions or concerns not addressed by these instructions should be directed to the vendor and/or the manufacturer and not to The University of Western Ontario or any of its employees or incumbents.

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