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This procedure will describe how to subscribe to calendars within Western's Calendar System, Java Enterprise System (JES).  You can subscribe to any calendar that you have at minimum Read permissions.  Subscribing to a calendar allows you to

  • easily view individuals calendars
  • manage other individuals calendars, if you have appropriate permissions

The preferred method used to subscribe to calendars is through the web at, also known as Convergence. However, we are seeing increasing options available such as; iCal, Lightning (Thunderbird extension) and the Outlook Connector (SJOC).

We do not recommend that you subscribe to a calendar to see if the invitee is free/busy. For this please refer to How Do I... on Create a Calendar Event and once you have populated the invitee list use the Check Availability feature associated with your calendar software.  This feature will not only show you the invitee's availability but will often provide you with the ability to automatically find the next available time for everyone in the invitee list.

Please Note: The ability to subscribe to calendars using iCal (OS X desktop) software is not currently available.  


Convergence (Western's Calendar System)

To subscribe to a calendar, perform the following steps:
  1. Login to
  2. Select Calendar from the service selector pane.
    IWC Subscribe

  3. Click on the Create or Subscribe calendar icon IWC Subscribe 
  4. Select Subscribe to Calendar
    IWC Subscribe

  5. The Subscribe calendar tab appears on the right pane.  Enter the user name or resource calendar Id in the text box provided.

    Search criteria is done on first then last name and/or Western email address.  Please note that it will only return results on calendars that you have a minimum of read access.  A list of all users matching the search criteria are listed in the search pane.

  6. IWC Subscribe
  7. Select the corresponding name of the owner for the calendar that you want to subscribe to.

    All calendars belonging to the user are listed in the right pane. For each calendar, the permissions assigned to the calendar is also provided. All calendars that are already subscribed by the user and those that cannot be subscribed by the user are disabled. These calendars cannot be selected.
    IWC Subscribe

  8. Select check box for each calendar you want to subscribe to

  9. Click Subscribe
    IWC Subscribe

The selected calendar is added to the list of subscribed calendars in the Calendar service pane and is available for viewing by selecting it from the left side of the screen.

IWC Subscribe

Lightning (Thunderbird Extension)

Option #1

There is an Add-on for Thunderbird that after the install makes it much easier to subscribe to calendars. 

Installation of the CALDAV - Search/Subscribe add-on

  • Select Tools...Add-ons
  • From the Search all add-ons
  • Enter calDAV and hit return
  • For the CALDAV - Search/Subscribe select Install
  • Select Restart now

Subscribing to calendars using CALDAV - Search/Subscribe add-on

  • Right click on your calendar and select search for calendar (calDAV)...
  • Enter the full name or email address of the user/resources
  • Select Search
  • Under the heading Select calendars to subscribe to:
  • Highlight the entry for the individual's calendar you are trying to access
  • Select List calendars
  • Place a checkmark on any calendar you want to subscribe to
  • Select Subscribe

Option #2

  • Select File... New... Calendar
  • Select the radial button On the Network ... Continue
    new calendar
  • Select the radial button CalDAV
  • In the Location field
  • Enter the URL 
Note: Replace the email address with the name of the calendar that you are subscribing to.
  • Select Continue

server details

  • Enter a "friendly name" for the subscribed calendar
  • Pick a colour for your events and click Continue
    display name
  • Select Done
  • Lightning Install


Outlook Connector (SJOC)

Please note read access is required in order to access subscribe calendars using the Connector.  Any calendars that an individual has subscribed to using the method above should be pushed down to the client from the server, making them automatically available. On occasion you may need to perform some Connector troubleshooting to pull down the subscribed calendars. The troubleshooting steps can be as simple as restarting your Outlook session.  However, they can sometimes include:

  1. Checking the status of the Connector within Outlook 
  2. Pull down subscribed calendars from the sever
    • From the Outlook menu bar select Go... Folder List
    • Click on Shared Calendars and expand out the directory structure, if you see the calendar in question it should show up in the calendar section of outlook.

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