How Do I ... Troubleshoot the Outlook Connector



This document will outline some of the more common troubleshooting procedures used to increase the functionality of the Outlook Connector.  Frequent updates to this document are needed because of a disconnect in development paths between Microsoft and Oracle (SUN).  e.g. As MS releases automatic updates it will often require Oracle (SUN) to release a new version of the connector in order to update related code involved with the synchronization features. 


Check the Outlook Connector Version 

    While running the Outlook Connector profile

    Select Help... About Sun Java System Connector for Microsof Outlook

    sjoc ver

    From the Start Menu

    Select Start... Control Panel 
    Select Add/Remove Programs
    Scroll through the list of applications and highlight Sun Java System Connector
    Select Click here for support information

    sjoc ver2

    If it isn't then continue with the upgrade, otherwise skip forward to the Post installation Checklist

Update the Calendar Server [click here]

Outlook Calendar Crashing [click here]

Check the Status of the Connector in Outlook

Microsoft considers the Oracle Connector for Outlook an 'Add-In' appliance which can sometimes become disabled through Windows or MicroSoft Office security updates. Listed below are instructions on how to check and activate the software using the two supported versions of Outlook.

Enable Connector in MS Outlook 2007 [click here]

Enable Connector in MS Outlook 2003 [click here]

Access Subscribed Calendars [click here]

Disabling Windows Search (Win 7 only) Improves Outlook Stability [click here]

Update the Address Book server [click here]

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