How Do I ... Use Western ROAMs to Remotely Access UWO Resources


  1. Introduction
  2. Request for Access to Western ROAMs
  3. Using the Western ROAMs Service
  4. Remote Desktop Connection
  5. Custom Application Access
  6. Signout


Western ROAMs is a VPN service which facilitates secure encripted remote access to campus network resources from off campus locations. Special software is not required as this service utilizes common web browsers.

Make sure your computer is up-to-date with Operating System (OS) patches, an up-to-date antivirus/antimalware package and a firewall.

Request for Access to Western ROAMs

To gain access to the Western ROAMs service, please complete a Corporate Data Access Form. Under Section III of the form, please check the box entitled Western ROAMs and follow instructions regarding form submission. The form can be found at

If your local IT group has made arrangements for alternate processing and handling of such requests, please work through them directly.

Using the Western ROAMs Service

The instructions for starting your ROAMs are listed below:

  • When you first go to or you will see the following screen:

  • Next, click on the "Click here to login" link and use your UWO Credentials to login

  • Once you login you will be redirected to the Host Checker which verifies that your computer is configured correctly for the ROAMs to work.
  • This host checking application will integrate your system for parameters, such as what antivirus software is running and the version installed.

    Note: For users of Mozilla Firefox, you may see the Internet Security warning window illustrated below. If that is the case, click on the Remember this decision checkbox and then click on the Allow button to continue with the setup process.

  • Click on the Start button, this will Network Connect to establish a secure encripted tunnel between your computer and the University network.

  • Once you have selected Start there will be a Network Connect popup, this will disappear on its own or select hide

  • In the bottom right there should now be a Martian like icon. This indicates that you have a secure ROAMs connection to UWO and are welcome to start using the secure connection.   net connect confirmation

  • This icon must be present at all times while you are remotely connected to UWO's computer system, as it is the software the provides the secure connection to our servers.
  • Remote Desktop Connection

    In order to run the Remote Desktop Connection software you must first have the Network Connect agent running. Once this done you can start Remote Desktop Connection normally through the windows start button button.

    Once the Start menu is open, find the Remote Desktop Connection item and click on it to open the program.


    This opens the main Remote Desktop Connection window, illustrated below. From here you can connect to your remote computer as usual as long as the Network Connect is running.


    Custom Application Access

    Some departments on campus have set up special application access for their staff based on the department's needs. Secure Application Manager needs to be running for these applications to function correctly. Please see your technical support representative if you believe you should have access to a program through ROAMs but currently do not.


    When finished, back at the Western ROAMs page, select: signout


    Wait for the Net Connect icon in the bottom right to go away and the Western ROAMs session is ended.

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