How Do I ...Dial-in to UWO using my Mac (v.7x)


ITS/UWO Administrative Requirements

This document assumes that you have:

  • an e-mail account at UWO, and
  • that you have signed the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form.

If you have not already done so, you can read and sign the form at: . There are two ways to dial into UWO: using E-Mail Express , a free, time-limited service for accessing email and the internet, and Internet@Home which allows full access to the Internet (e.g. web browsing, downloading files, etc.). All faculty, staff and students are automatically given access to the E-Mail Express. However, you must register separately for the Internet@Home (for more details please see & .

Macintosh Requirements

Your machine must have a Control Panel called TCP/IP , and it must also have a control panel called either either Remote Access or PPP , which have very similar functionality.

To look for these control panels, go to the Apple Menu, and then go down to control panels, and check to see that both of these are there.

If they are not, you will need to install a copy of FreePPP, and then follow the instructions in How do I... Use FreePPP on a Macintosh

What you need to set up

The Keyboard Control Panel

Go to the Apple Menu, and, under Control Panels, open the Keyboard Control Panel.


Ensure that the U.S. keyboard layout is the layout selected. It is preferable that it be the only one checked off. Using any other layout may interfere with entering your password, since it maps punctuation differently.

The Remote Access (or PPP) Control Panel

Bring up the Remote Access (or PPP) Control Panel (whichever is applicable) under Control Panels in the Apple Menu (AppleMenu->Control Panels->Remote Access) (or AppleMenu->Control Panels->PPP).

If it looks like this:


Click on the little triangle just to the left of Setup to make it look like the following. Make sure that Registered User is selected.

IMPORTANT  Make sure you add  519  to the beginning of the  Number  to dial due to the new 10-digit dialing rules.


You need to fill in your Western email username and password in the appropriate boxes, along with the dial-in phone number: 519-640-5305. Check the box if you would like the Mac to remember your password so you don't have to type it in each time.

Multiple Numbers to Call

If you need this number and have an account with an ISP elsewhere, you can easily set up several configurations, one for each number and username/password you need to use.

When in Remote Access (PPP) Look in the File menu for Configurations. It may ask you to save your current configuration. If so, click on save. When the Configurations screen comes up, click on duplicate, give your new configuration a new and different name like 'UWO Dial-in 519-640-5305', and then click on OK.

Then click on Make Active. When you do this, it will return you to the Remote Access (or PPP) control panel, where you can change the settings for this configuration. The settings will not be saved until you either close the control panel, or go back into Configurations.

Whenever you need to change to a different configuration, just go back to the Configurations command in the File menu, and click on the configuration you want to use. (You can access this quickly using command-K)

Standardize User Mode

Edit->User Mode: change to Basic

Edit menu with User Mode Selected

User mode dialogue box with Basic selected

Modem Control Panel: Select Your Modem


Remote Access menu with Modem selected

Connect via: modem port, and select modem make and model that seems most appropriate.

select 'Dialing,' 'Pulse,' or 'Tone,' depending on your line. Close the window. Click on save if necessary.

Modem control panel with the mouse pointing to the Modem menu, iMac Internal selected

The instructions here are equally valid for the PPP control panel used on earlier Macs, even though the screen shots are from the more recent Remote Access control panel. The functionality of the two control panels is virtually identical.

TCP/IP Control Panel

Go back to the RemoteAccess menu, just as you did for Modem, and this time, select TCP/IP. (RemoteAccess->TCP/IP)


Remote Access Menu with TCP/IP selected

(if it gives a "Make TCP/IP active?" window, click Yes.):

You may need to make a few changes:

o Connect via:

Change 'Ethernet' to 'Remote Access' (or 'PPP', as appropriate)

o Configure:

Change to: 'Using PPP Server'

o Name Server addr:

Change to:

o Search domains:

Change to: (if there is more than one box on the right hand side, make sure that Edit->User Mode is set to Basic)

Your TCP/IP window should now look like this:


TCP/IP Control Panel set to Connect via: PPP and Configure: Using PPP Server


Disclaimer: The provided instructions are for information purposes only. Neither The University of Western Ontario nor the Division of Information Technology Services assume any responsibility for loss of use or damage to a computer system (including any data or software contained within the computer system) which is the result (directly or indirectly) of the application of these instructions. Any problems, questions or concerns not addressed by these instructions should be directed to the vendor and/or the manufacturer and not to The University of Western Ontario or any of its employees or incumbents.

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