How Do I ... Use FreePPP on a Macintosh (v.7x)



This document describes the procedure to properly configure FreePPP for the Macintosh to dial-in to the University of Western Ontario network.


This document assumes that you have an e-mail account at UWO, and that you have signed the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form.

This document also assumes that you have the UWONet 98 CD-ROM, and have already installed the package for the Mac called "Dial-in Installation with OpenTransport" or the package called "Dial-in Installation w. MacTCP".

Getting Started

Once you have installed the UWOnet package, locate the "FreePPP Setup" file in the "98/99 Net Folder" on your main hard drive, and double-click on its icon.

98/99 Net Folder with FreePPP Setup highlighted

If you have your Internet@Home account activated, you should be able to simply click on "Connect" and get on-line very quickly without having to change the phone number (519-640-5305) or any of the settings.


The FreePPP Setup Main Control Panel with Connect highlighted

If you do not have Internet@Home, but have access to the 15 minute email service, look on the FreePPP Setup screen for the "Connect to:" pull down menu, and change it from UWO Dial-up (519-640-5305) to UWO Email Express (15 mins.).

Before the modem even starts dialing, a screen will pop up asking you for your name and password:


Dialogue box prompting for Username and Password

Enter these in the appropriate boxes, and click on OK.


Filled in Username and Password dialogue box

Once you have entered your Username and Password (be sure you have signed the AUP in the Support Services Building before trying this), the modem should dial, displaying the screen below:

FreePPP Connection Status dialogue box: Dialing 640-5305...

However if all goes well, the computer should briefly display Modem Reliable Connection Established, and then disappear. At this point, unless you encountered a problem (the screen displayed an error message), your computer will be connected to the UWO network.

If, instead, you see a screen like:


Alert box: The modem does not seem to be responding

consult  How Do I... Troubleshoot Modem Problems on the Mac (in preparation) or call 519-661-2111 ext.83800 (the ITS helpdesk).

Automating your login

At this point, if all went well, you could use the Getting Started procedure to log-in every time.  However, you may also get tired of typing your name and password every time you log on.

To create a connection script that will allow you to log on without having to type your name and password, start by clicking on the index tab marked Accounts on the FreePPP Setup screen.

Once the accounts tab is visible, click on the appropriate phone number UWO Dial-up (519-640-5305) or UWO Email Express (15 mins.), and click on the Edit button.


FreePPP Setup with Accounts tab/UWO Dial-up visible with Edit selected

On the screen that appears, enter your username (ie. jsmith, not into the box at the bottom that says User name, and enter your password into the box that prompts for password. Note that the password does not display on the screen but is replaced by little dots.

Click OK.  Now when you dial using that phone number, FreePPP will automatically send your name and password to the UWO system.


Disclaimer: The provided instructions are for information purposes only. Neither The University of Western Ontario nor the Division of Information Technology Services assume any responsibility for loss of use or damage to a computer system (including any data or software contained within the computer system) which is the result (directly or indirectly) of the application of these instructions. Any problems, questions or concerns not addressed by these instructions should be directed to the vendor and/or the manufacturer and not to The University of Western Ontario or any of its employees or incumbents.

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