Save & Preview and Submit

One significant difference with Cascade version 8 is with saving your page after Editing. 

In Cascade version 7 after editing your page, the standard option to save your changes was to click "Submit".

In Cascade version 8, the default is "Save & Preview". 

This saves a draft of the page so that you can get a preview of your edits with all of the styling applied, same as "Update Draft" in Cascade version 7.

Once you choose Save & Preview, Cascade version 8 will give you the option to make your changes permanent by clicking Submit followed by Submit Now.

If you want to "Submit" immediately as in Cascade version 7, you now need to select the vertical ellipsis next to the "Save & Preview" button to obtain access to the "Submit Now" button. Here you will be able to add any comments to changes you made as well spell check with the "Check Content" button.

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