Drag and Drop Images

Cascade version 8 has made it easier to drag and drop new images when editing page content.

In Cascade version 7, you needed to first upload an image to your site, then you could add the image by editing your page and clicking on the Insert/Edit Image icon.

version 7 edit

Then select Image > Search >Browse

version 7 insert image screen

Select 'Upload' from the blue menu.  Select 'Choose File' and select the file from your computer. Click 'Upload.'

NOTE: your file would be uploaded to whichever folder you had selected and retain its original system name. 

version 7 upload an image

Refresh the screen to see the file uploaded to select it.  Once you had selected the file, you could proceed as you would with a previously uploaded image.

version 7 uploaded image

In Cascade version 8 this has been simplified.

Select the Insert/Edit Image icon.

version 8 edit

Select 'Choose File.'

In the window that opens, select 'Upload' where you can either drag and drop your file or select the file from your computer. You may change the filename before selecting the placement folder. Click 'Choose.'

Make sure you provide the "Image Desciption" formerly "Alternate Text" in Cascade version 7 or check off "This is a decorative image..."

Click 'Ok' to insert the image on your page.

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