Blocks in Cascade version 8 no longer display as icons on the page preview. Instead all share the same icon:  .

While you can easily continue to edit blocks through the _cms/blocks folder, the way you access editing a block from a page has changed.

In the Cascade version 7, you could edit select blocks by clicking the block icon on the page preview.

version 7 blocks in page preview

Once you clicked the block you wished to edit, a popup screen would appear, displaying the block type, the option to edit, and the url for the block.

You could then edit and submit any changes you wished to make with the block by clicking on the pencil icon.

version 7 block edits

In Cascade version 8, the simplest way to edit blocks is through _cms/blocks. However, you can still access and edit blocks through your preview page. Click 'More' and then 'Show Regions.' 

Now as you hover your mouse over areas of the page, the name of the corresponding block will appear as a callout. If you click the call out, it will be selected in the region list. Right click the block to 'Edit'.

version 8 show regions

You will then be directed to the block's _cms/block location and you will be able to perform the required edits.

version 8 block edit

Once you have completed the block edit, you will not be automatically redirected back to the page from which you came.  If you want to see your changes on the page, you will need to return to it by clicking 'Site Content' at the top.

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