Request Access for New Users to Your Site

Access for the initial setup of your website within Cascade is requested on the Request a New Site in Cascade form. If your site is already being maintained in Cascade and you need others in your department to have access, please submit a ticket in the Web project at providing the user's full name and Western Identity username as well as the site name and level of access required (either full or specific folder).

Levels of Access available

Full Manager Access (Manager group)

  • complete read/write/publish access to the entire site
  • manager group access must be done by Western Technology Services

Specific Folder Access (User group)

  • read/write/publish access to specific folders on the site
  • user group access must be done by Western Technology Services
  • folder access can be done by anyone in the Manager group

How to Grant Specific Folder Access

  1. Submit a jira ticket requesting that the user be given access to the site and only have specific folder access.
  2. Once you have confirmation that the user has been given access:
    1. Go to the folder you want the user to have read/write/publish priviledges to
    2. Right-click Access
    3. Click "Choose Users and Groups"
    4. Find the username and click "Choose"
    5. Pick either "Read" and "Write" for access
    6. Click the Update button
  3. Have the user log in to Cascade to confirm their access is correct.

Please note that your 'user' group will automatically have READ access to the Base folder.  From there, you apply access for a specific user.  e.g. user1 will put in the user group by Western Technology Services and then you will give user access on a folder by folder basis for only those folders that they need to edit and publish.  If the folder is nested, you would give user1 read access to the top level folder and then write access to the folder they will be editing and publishing.

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