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Information Technology Services

Our Ask ITS service is designed to assist Western faculty, staff and students, as well as the community at large, in finding answers to questions about information technology on campus.

The service is very easy to use. Anywhere that you see the orange Ask ITS box, you can simply type in your information technology question and press Enter. An answer will be displayed along with other related information that we hope is of use to you. Our current top 10 questions are always listed to the right of the response.


Tips for Using Ask ITS:
Other Ask Western services are available on campus. For questions about specific programs or administrative policies on campus, please go to at
If you find that Ask ITS does not provide you with enough information to answer your question, you can submit your question via a web form to the ITS Customer Support Centre. At certain times during the day, you will also have the option of entering into a Chat session with a Support Centre agent.