The email listed below is a Standard Email sent from ITS

Wireless Access Revoked

The device that is being used to access Western Wireless services has been detected as being infected with some form of 
malicious software (“malware”). Because use of the Western wireless network by infected systems impacts service for other users
and prevents others’ fair use of the shared wireless network, your Western Wireless access has been temporarily revoked until
you have indicated to ITS that your device has been cleaned and patched.

Before ITS removes the wireless block, the device must be patched, cleaned, and have up-to-date anti-virus software with
current pattern files on it. A software firewall is also recommended to avoid future malware infections.

ITS Computer Wellness site
Current PC-Cillin Pattern File

You may need to access external websites to acquire patches or updates for your system. Since your access is currently blocked,
you will not be able to access these off-campus sites using Western Wireless. If you have no alternative method to access the internet
from your system, please contact the ITS Support Centre to arrange an in-person session during which your access can be temporarily
unblocked for patching.

Once the associated machine has been cleaned and patched the account can be re-enabled by contacting the ITS Support Centre
at 519-661-3800 ext.83800, or via e-mail to The ITS Support Centre can also provide additional assistance with
such cleaning and patching activities.

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