The email listed below is a Standard Email sent from ITS

Wireless Access Suspended - Excessive Wireless Bandwidth Usage

Your Western Wireless access has been temporarily suspended due to excessive wireless bandwidth usage. The device used to access this UWO Wireless account is either being used inappropriately or for extremely large file transfers, such as file sharing or downloading.

The observed bandwidth usage could be the result of a peer-to-peer application, access to a social networking site, or gaming – if so, you should limit such activity to wired network connections in order to avoid future suspensions of wireless access. If you are not running any such bandwidth-intensive applications, the device may be infected with some form of malware that is generating the network activity – visit Computer Wellness for more information about malware, how to clean up the device, and how to avoid infection in the future.

Excessive use of Western wireless bandwidth impacts service for other users in the Western wireless community and prevents others’ fair use of the shared wireless network. Your account will be reactivated shortly. Please note that if further Bandwidth related suspensions occur, the suspension period for this account will be increased.

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