The email listed below is an Account Related Email sent from ITS

ITS Notification of Relaying from {IP address}

What is this?
This is an automated message from Western ITS regarding an email that was just sent from

Is this phishing?
No! Okay, that's just what a phisher would say, but look, we've posted an example of this automated message on the ITS Official Email Activity page:

Why did I get this message? 
Just a moment ago, a message was sent from ( with a "from" address of (The sender authenticated as and this host is registered to

Why is this a problem?
The domain of this "from" address,, is not hosted by ITS. This is a problem because ITS is not responsible for's email, but it is being sent through the ITS email servers. This is called relaying.

What's the big deal about relaying?
Relaying is problematic in the world of email. It can lead to delivery problems, misdirected bounce messages, and is often abused by spammers and phishers.

What is ITS doing about relaying?
In early 2014, ITS will no longer allow relaying from any email domain which is not hosted by ITS. This will affect delivery of some email messages, such as the one just sent from More information about this change is available in this document:

What do I need to do?
This depends a lot on the system that sent the message.

If the sending system is an end-user workstation, the email client will likely need to be reconfigured. When sending mail from, your email client should be using's outgoing email servers, rather than

If the source of this message was a web form, application, or system notification, the system administrator will need to take additional actions, and our email admins can work with you to find a solution.

What if I need more help?
No problem! Please contact the ITS Helpdesk <> and they'll be able to assist with the necessary changes. Be sure to provide them with a copy of this message to help them better understand the details of your system.

Don't Get Phished!
Verify the authenticity of this message by checking the Official Account Related Emails Sent from ITS at You can make sure that you are visiting the real page posted by Western ITS (and not a well-crafted forgery) by hovering over the link and verifying that the site starts with
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