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Subject: [Warning] You are near or over your allowed email quota

Hi %U%,

You are receiving this message because you are using %Q% of your email quota. Please take a moment to delete or archive [] some of your email content. If you exceed your email quota, you will no longer be able to:

- Receive any new email, including forwarding

- Retain a copy of any sent messages

Common quota usage areas include large Sent or Trash folders and large attachments. Additional email quota is available for purchase []. If you need assistance in reducing your email quota usage, please contact the ITS Help Desk [].

Don't Get Phished!

To verify the legitimacy of this message, please see the Official Account Related Emails Sent From ITS []. You may verify that the above link points to the Western ITS website (and not a well-crafted forgery) by hovering over the link and ensuring that the URL starts with "".

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