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NotifyLink Contact ReLoad

You have been identified as an individual with an account on the NotifyLink server.  This service is used to synchronize personal content; calendar, contacts, email and tasks with a mobile device.

We are in the process of setting a timeline for the decommissioning of our classic web mail interface, Communications Express - CE.  In evaluating CE we have identified a dependancy within the NotifyLink service, in particular with the delivery of an individual's personal contacts.  We can still deliver this service however it does require us to change the pointer on the NotifyLink server.  Over the next couple of weeks you will be notified once this has been done with specific instructions on how to re load your contacts from the server.

A - On an iPhone/iPod: Turn Contacts synchronization off and then on again from Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > (your NotifyLink Exchange profile)

B - On a BlackBerry device:  Select the NotifyLink icon.  Click the menu button and select OTA Load.

C - On an Android device with TouchDown:  Open the TouchDown Contact menu and select Refresh All. Wait for the synchronization to complete.

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