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   Western Calendar Server Upgrade

You are receiving this communication because according to our records you have content in the central calendar server managed by ITS. The calendar content that we are making reference to is primarily accessed using our web mail interface, Convergence.  This same content can also be access points also include:

    •   Lightning that is an add-on for Thunderbird
    •   Connector (SJOC) that is a plug-in for Outlook (available only for faculty and staff)
    •   NotifyLink that is software for smart phones and tablets (available only for faculty and staff)
    Western is embarking on an exciting new project to upgrade our corporate calendar system for the start of the 2012 fall term.   Upon completion of this project we will be able to provide the university community with increased selection when choosing a calendar program.   You will be able to access your Western calendar from almost any calDAV compliant calendar program.  The primary benefit will come to anyone running a Mac.  You will be able to configure your iCal to access your Western calendar.
    This is a significant upgrade that involves:
    •   Infrastructure changes, moving from a proprietary calendar protocol to what is emerging as the industry standard protocol for calendar systems – calDAV.
    •   The migration of 65, 000 calendars with the majority of usage coming from administrative units.
    As part of the calendar upgrade the system will be unavailable for an extended period of time e.g. over a weekend, to facilitate the migration of data.  To maximize the calendar availability a decision has been made to move only 18 months worth of historical calendar data.  Access to historical calendar data not part of the migration will be made available for reference purposes only after the upgrade.
    We are working on making the transition to the new environment as seamless as possible from both the customer and technical support perspective.  However, existing programs such as Lightning, Notifylink and Outlook Connector (SJOC) will need to be upgraded and/or reconfigured to access the new calendar environment.
    Additional communication and details will be made available as the project progresses.  If you would like to discuss how this project might impact you or the areas you support please contact

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