The email listed below is an Account Related Email sent from ITS

How NOT to be a victim of fraud: Central Information Security Officer (Western ITS)

Western has been subjected to a targeted fraud attempt known as phishing and you are one of approximately 1,100 email users who were the intended victims of this effort at identity theft.


Attached is a PDF of the offending email.  Please DO NOT provide your username and password as requested by this email.  Delete the email.


If you have responded, it is important that you immediately report it to Western’s Central Information Security Officer Jeff Gardiner at gardiner[@] (519-661-2111 ext. 81091).  In addition, you should take the following steps:


Examine your Human Resources account to ensure your banking information is correct: https[:]//


If your banking information has been changed, contact the Human Resource Communication Centre at hrhelp[@] or 519-661-2194 (ext. 82194 on campus) Monday morning after 9 a.m..  You should immediately change your password. Information on how to do so can be found at: http[:]//


If you did respond to the email, this link will provide additional information on steps you must take to minimize any damage from this phishing attack: http[:]//


This matter is under investigation. These phishing attempts often originate outside of Canada and are becoming both more frequent and more sophisticated.  Western University will never send an email asking you to verify your username and password. When you receive these kinds of emails, report them to Western’s Information Technology Services by emailing '' or visiting http[:]//


(Remove all square brackets seen in email and web addresses)
Central Information Security Officer
Information Technology Services
Support Services Building Rm 4361
Western University

Don't Get Phished!
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