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Changes Effecting Western's Email Forwarding Service

You are receiving this message because you have been identified as an individual who is forwarding their university email to an alternate email address, as well as retaining a copy in your Western email address, "store and forward".

Changes on January 15, 2010, will introduce a new dependency between your Western email quota and the functionality of the forwarding service.  If your Western email address is over quota the forwarding service to an alternate email address will cease to function. Corrective actions may or may not be required depending on your Western email quota status.  The corrective actions include;

 1. If you wish to continue to maintain a "store and forward" configuration please ensure that your Western email quota is not exceeded and continue to appropriately manage your account below your assigned quota.  Your quota usage can be easily checked by logging into Western's webmail interface, .

Note: Western Email over quota notifications are not delivered to the configured forward destination (alternate email address).

 2. If you wish to disable the "store" component from your current "store and forward" email forward profile please refer to and remove any unnecessary messages from your Western email address.

 If you have any questions or need assistance with reconfiguring your forwarding service, please contact the ITS HelpDesk:

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