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Reminder regarding Antivirus software for Macintosh systems

You are receiving this email as our records indicate that you have installed at least one copy of Sophos Antivirus on a University owned Macintosh computer. Our contract with Sophos expired on August 31, 2010 so you must remove the software from your machine(s) as soon as you can. Our contract with Sophos also covered a copy of the software for one home Macintosh system so you will need to remove any copies installed on your home systems as well.

UWO has negotiated a new contract with Trend Micro Inc. for antivirus software. The use of Trend Micro software on Western faculty/departmental computer systems is purchased and maintained by Western's central administration. For information regarding costing for use on Affiliate or Ancillary unit computers, please refer to the ITS Services document @

Unlike our previous agreement with Sophos, this new agreement does not cover home computers. Trend Micro's Officescan for the Mac is available from the University Computer store at a cost of $20.00 (taxes incl) for your home computers.

Uninstall Procedure for Sophos Antivirus.

If you still have the disk image you used to install the application on your Macintosh system then you should have a copy of the uninstaller. If you no longer have a copy of the disk image you can go to and download the disk image again.

You will need to ensure that you run the correct uninstaller for the version of Sophos that you have installed. To find out the version you are currently running you will need to click on the Sophos icon located at the top right of your monitor near the date and time and choose "About Sophos Antivirus" from the drop-down menu. If you are running version 4.x then you will need to run the "Double-click-to-Remove-older-4.9-Sophos-Anti-Virus.pkg" to uninstall the software.

If you are running version 7.x then you will need to run the "Double-click-to-Remove-Sophos-Anti-Virus.pkg" to uninstall the software.

Once you have removed the software you will need to reboot your system before installing the new Trend Micro Security software.

Installation procedure for Trend Micro Security for the Mac

Use your favorite web browser to go to and download the MAC installer by clicking on the download link beside "OfficeScan for Mac installer package". Please enter the requested information, the click the download button. You will be redirected to the download site. You may encounter a warning about the web certificate at this point. This warning can be safely ignored. You will then proceed with the download of the installation file entitled "". Once downloaded, you will have to extract tmsminstall.mpkg. Once it is extracted, double-click on the file to start the installation process. Follow the prompts and upon completion the program will update itself to the latest pattern files.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change or the steps required please contact the ITS Helpdesk:

·         By phone

   Call the Helpdesk at 519-661-3800 or x83800 during regular business hours for telephone support.

·         In Person:

   Drop by the Helpdesk, located immediately to the right after you enter the new Support Services building located on Western Road, during regular business hours for hands on assistance.

·         Via e-mail:


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