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Final Change Notice – Western’s E-mail Forwarding Service

You have been identified as an individual who is forwarding your university email and are over quota. On Sunday, January 31 we changed our mail servers to reject messages addressed to users that have exceeded their quota. Prior to this change, messages would be accepted, processed, and if required forwarded, independent of a users quota.  Messages are no longer accepted for users over quota.

If you wish to continue to receive mail from your Western e-mail address you will need to manage your user ID below your assigned quota. The easiest way for you to reduce your quota usage is by logging into Western's webmail interface,

You may also wish to disable the "store" component from your current "store and forward" email profile, Removing the "store" function and ensuring your quota is below your assigned value will eliminate a requirement to continuously manage your quota usage.

If you have any questions or need assistance with reconfiguring your forwarding service, please contact the ITS HelpDesk:

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