Official Email Activity

To assist our customers in distinguishing spam and phishing email scams from official ITS email communications, widely distributed ITS emails as well as targetted phishing emails will be posted on this site so that you may be assured that the email you received is official before responding to it. Simply click on the email subject to see the full text of the message. Some points to remember:

  • An email subject line starting with [SPAM?] should be considered potential SPAM unless the ITS Support Centre tells you otherwise
  • Official email communication from an account should never have [SPAM?] in the subject line
  • Official email communication from ITS will never ask you to email your password or other personal information
  • If you receive an email claiming to be from ITS that is not posted on this site please forward a copy of the message with full headers ( to .

Other kinds of phishing attacks occur regularly - for example, fraudulent banking notifications, or offers of free goods or services. Many such phishing messages will be caught by Western's anti-spam tools (reference links at right), but some may arrive at your inbox. For more information about phishing in general, and how you can protect yourself against such attacks, please visit Phishing on the CyberSmart website.

Phishing Emails Seen on Campus

Official Account Related Emails Sent from ITS

Standard Emails Sent from ITS

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