Division of Information Technology Services

Strategy Map: 2015-2020

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Western Information Technology Services (ITS) Strategy Map: 2015 - 2020

Guided by our beliefs, we use our resources wisely, and build a strong and prepared IT team, so we can operate effectively and with excellence, and anticipate and meet the needs of the people we serve, thus, achieving our vision.

Guiding Beliefs

Strategic Resource and Investment Priorities

Building for Success

Pillars of Excellence

  1. Strategic Partnerships
    • We will forge strategic partnerships across the Campus and beyond.
      • Proactively engage and build relationships across the institution to understand needs and create high value campus technology solutions.  
      • Develop synergistic relationships with key IT vendors and other University and Higher Education organizations.  
  2. Infrastructure Management
    • We will efficiently manage complex IT infrastructure systems.
      • Build a secure and stable IT infrastructure that is able to support the evolving Campus needs for learning, teaching, and research. 
      • Develop standardized processes to efficiently and effectively manage change. 
  3. Customer Service Excellence
    • We will deliver excellent customer service.
      • Deliver contemporary learning, research, and administrative IT solutions that effectively meet the needs of our customers. 
      • Provide a dynamic and responsive user experience in all ITS services.
  4. Leadership and Innovation
    • We will cultivate an environment of IT Leadership and Innovation.
      • Foster IT thought, leadership, and collaboration across the Campus IT community. 
      • Create mechanisms that encourage innovation and exploration of new technologies.
  5. Resource Management
    • We will effectively coordinate and deploy skilled central IT resources.
      • Improve workload capacity planning processes to enable ITS employees to maintain an appropriate work-life balance. 
      • Align skills development and recruiting with strategic IT priorities.
  6. Communications and Collaboration
    • We will facilitate transparent communication, and collaboration across the Campus.
      • Facilitate transparent two-way communications within ITS and across the Campus. 
      • Actively engage in multi-channel Campus community communications, mechanisms, and forums. 
  7. Project Management
    • We will seamlessly integrate Project Management best practices into IT solutions delivery.
      • Develop and embed Project Management discipline into our delivery of IT projects that provide new capabilities. 
      • Prepare for and actively manage change resulting from new IT service implementations. 
  8. Cyber Security Risk Management
    • We will champion Cyber Security and Information Risk Management best practices across the Campus.
      • Deploy policies, procedures, and systems that proactively protect Western's critical Information systems and assets. 
      • Continuously promote Cyber Security education and awareness across Campus. 
  9. Data and Information Management
    • We will provide technology support to Western's Research Data and Information objectives.
      • Work closely with Western Libraries to facilitate easier on-campus access to research data, infrastructure, and tools. 
      • Enable Western to leverage external regional and national Digital Research Infrastructure initiatives wherever possible. 

Strategic ITS Outcomes

Students Will:

Faculty Will:

Administrative Staff Will:


We provide exceptional technology solutions, resources, and services to support students, faculty, and staff within the Western Community.


We are Western's preferred technology partner, leveraging current and emerging technologies to inspire and advance extraordinary teaching, learning, and research outcomes.  

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