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Netherlands: Maastricht University

Established in 1975, Maastricht University is the youngest university in The Netherlands; it has an innovative and progressive learning method to show for it. Global topics play an important role at Maastricht University and many subjects are offered in English. With its wide variety of activities and full calendar of events, the city of Maastricht enables students to explore various pastimes.


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate students within the Faculty of Social Science Department of Economics

How long can I go for?

  • Year long

When does class start?

  • Semester 1: Beginning of September -End of January
  • Semester 2: End of January- Beginning of July

Language of Instruction

  • English
    Maastricht street with bicycles

    How many credits do I need to earn?

    What courses do they offer?

    Can I live on campus?

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