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Mexico: Fundacion Universidad de las Americas, Puebla

Fundacion Universidad de las Americas, Puebla is located in the municipality of San Andres Cholula, five minutes from the city of Puebla. The university campus has 38 buildings on 73.2 hectares. With a student population of 8300 students, UDLA has much to offer. Many courses are taught in Spanish but nearly 50 different courses are offered in English each semester. In addition to five residence buildings, the University has athletic facilities, cafeterias/fast food, a travel agency, ATMs, a pharmacy and a post office.


  • Puebla, Mexico

Who can apply?

  • This program is geared towards undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Students in other faculties may apply, but should note that available courses may be electives and thus may not satisfy your degree requirements. 
Ruins in Mexico

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