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Established in 1911 in Perth, Australia, the University of Western Australia's (UWA) ground-breaking research, quality academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities combine to offer a vibrant student experience. As Western Australia's premier university and the only university in Western Australia to belong to the Group of Eight -- a coalition of Austrailias top Universities, UWA was also first overall in Australia based on key measures in the Good Universities Guide 2012 including graduate starting salaries, employment prospects, staff qualifications, research intensity and student demand.


  • Perth, Australia

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate students in any faculty or program.

How long can I go for?

  • 1 term (Fall/Winter). Review the start and end dates before selecting the term when you apply.

When does class start?

  • Semester 1: March-June
  • Semester 2: July-November
Stones in the Outback

Language of Instruction

How many credits do I need to earn?

What courses do they offer?

Can I live on campus?

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